My Story: Allie Mitchell

Screenshot_2016-04-18-22-31-13.pngGrowing up in my house wasn’t always easy. Like every family you go through ups and downs and you have fights and you have tender moments that will live in your heart forever. I had all of that and then some. I am the youngest with two older sisters and I have a mom and a dad. Life seemed simple and I don’t remember very much of growing up unlike some people. Everything seemed normal to me or relatively normal to say the least. Moving into high school, I started to understand that my family wasn’t like most. My parents weren’t doting all over each other and in love, my sisters of course had their own lives and I was somewhere in between at the stage of trying to find out who I was. Once I got into my senior year of high school, I was academically successful and applying to colleges; getting into the college I wanted and preparing to leave for the dorms. I knew in the back of my mind though that my home life wasn’t like the rest and trying to explain that your mom sleeps on a couch while your dad sleeps in their bed and that your parents don’t talk anymore and are basically walking on eggshells around each other would be too much of an overload on new friends, so I decided to keep all of these information to myself.
My mom was my sole parent in my head and I went into college head strong knowing this information. Back tracking a bit, I was a boy crazy teenager and that just flooded its way into college. I had never had a boyfriend and had forever thought I wasn’t good enough for anyone. I made many new friends and met a few different guys but nothing worked. I got my first boyfriend sophomore year, but that was a bust. Around junior year things started to get worse at home and I got a second boyfriend, but that lasted a month and I just didn’t see it going anywhere. A few days after Christmas in 2013, while my dad went to work in the morning, we moved all of our stuff out of the house and into a new apartment. I will honestly never know his reaction when he walked into an empty house. My mom filed for divorce about a few weeks later. I went back to school as normal, dating a few guys (nothing serious) and time moved on. The divorce carried over into the next year and then the next. I continued to date and nothing would come of it. 2015, I got my third boyfriend, which lasted three months and was probably the worst relationship I had.
He was overly opinionated, rude, he really didn’t care what I thought about things, and for the most part when I spoke I don’t think he ever truly listened, I mean the guy would make fun of me for liking a restaurant. I had no idea what I was doing in that relationship. We broke up mutually which I was happy about. I taking some time off school and come up until this point every guy I’d ever gone out with or dated had been from online. I was about to give up on it, but a few days before Christmas 2015 I got a match off of Tinder from a guy named David. I gave it a chance to see where it would go. He was late to our first date which was the day after Christmas and I went out with him anyway. He blew me away and kissed me on a bench in front of fountain. I was in total awe of this person I’d just met. He had told me he was in the marines and wouldn’t be here for very long, but still wanted to go out. I said yes and I don’t regret it one bit.
We spent two more days together and then he went back. We continued to talk and eventually became official. And more weeks after that admitted we were in love. We talk about our future here and there and it makes our hearts pound harder talking about those things. Interestingly enough, my family problems and all those issues I was afraid to tell people or friends I had, I told him on our second date, simply because he asked why my parents were getting a divorce. On a second date I knew I could trust him. I wasn’t asking for much when I thought up what I wanted in a guy and never did I think I would be dating a marine, but Cpl. David McMillin took my heart and he never gave it back. My parents are still going through their divorce which mind you has been going on since around the beginning of 2014, but besides the family I have, I also have a perfect man in my corner helping me make it through and soon I’ll be graduating with a B.S. in biology from Georgia State. So I think I’m doing just fine.



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