My son Nathan…by Momma Lisa

Lisa GwiltMy son Nathan joined the USAF on October 16, 2006.  He will be officially discharged on October 16, 2012.  It has truly been an amazing journey for our whole family.  Sad at times, but so rewarding to see the grown man he has become.

I love my 3 children – Natascha (Christopher) – 2 grandkids Dahlyla 4 yrs. old and Alyjah 15 months.  Nathan (Debby) – grandson Sean and Chelsey (Kenny) – grand dog Brutus and of course my Husband of 17 years Steve and our dog Izzo.  Like watching MSU Football and Basketball and starting to like Detroit Lions and Tigers.  Love all my Blue Star Mother sisters, this is an amazing organization.  The only thing I can think that I truly dislike is Mashed Potatoes.

I love everything about our mission with Blue Star Mothers: supporting those who fight for our freedom and our country, paying respect to those serving currently, former and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.

I have not had a creation designed just yet from Military Apparel Company.

Thank you for what you do.

Lisa Gwilt


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