The Irvine…an AMAZING family!

-Who are you and what is your affiliation with the Military?

I am an Army wife, granddaughter to a WWII vet, daughter-in-law to a Vietnam vet, and stay at home mom.  My grandfather’s youngest brother was KIA in Korea.

-What are your likes and dislikes, in general, can be anything about your life?

Most days I enjoy being a military spouse.  I like that our family gets to meet many different people and explore different parts of our country and world with each PCS.  I don’t like the unknowns that the military life brings (when will the next deployment come up, where will we PCS next, when will we get to visit our families again, etc.).  I like to read, listen to my daughter read, and listen to my son retell stories he’s had read to him.  I love to spend time with my family, especially at my parent’s lake house.  I enjoy playing board games and eating pizza with my family, getting a mani/pedi with girlfriends and shopping with my daughter (she’s learning to like it too).  I love hearing my kids sing along to songs on the christian radio station and hearing them sing in church.  I love seeing my husband in his uniform every day, he makes me so proud and is such a wonderful husband and father.  I love peanut butter and volunteering in my daughter’s school.  I am learning to enjoy golfing after playing competitively in high school & college.  I am a night owl who lets her kids sleep in bed with her when her husband is TDY, working nights or deployed.

· What do you love about our project and mission?

It’s so personal.  Most purses, baby gifts, etc. are so generic, but each and every creation that comes from Military Apparel Company has a special meaning/purpose.  I love seeing what others design and hearing the stories/meanings behind each unique creation.

· How did we help you by designing a creation from your loved one’s uniform?

Each creation reminds me of my husband and his love for myself, our children and family and his dedication to our country.

Mindy Irvine

Recruiter for Military Apparel Company


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