Forever kind of Love by Kyla

My name is Kyla Lynn Barrett. I am a southern girl who loves my family and friends and making people smile. I had been down on my luck finding someone to keep me smiling. Out of the blue, I met this guy, Jeff who happened to be in the US Navy. It was completely random but as we started talking, words just flowed like we had been friends forever. One day, he said that we wished that he had a girlfriend just like me and made a joke about telling people that I was his girlfriend. He had no clue that I was hoping he would ask me 🙂 I was worried about being in a military relationship. I knew that it was going to be hard because we would have to be long distance for quite some time, but for him, I was willing to try. This was back in 2008.

I went to visit him just after Christmas, and it was a great couple of days. Having to leave without him with me hurt, a lot. I knew right then, that no matter what, he would always be in my heart and a part of my life. We definitely had our ups and downs but our time together was so wonderful.

We had a big downfall, that ended our relationship. It was a combination of the Navy and his mother. He got hurt on the job and I had no way of contacting him. She filled my head with a bunch of hurtful lies, and forced me to believe that they were true. Not being able to talk to him just added to the dismay. I was completely heart broken. I felt as though I just lost my best friend.

I changed things in my life. I moved, started new hobbies, and volunteered more. Shortly after the move, I really needed someone there for me. I received a strange text asking about me and if I was okay. As it turns out, it was him. We spent the next couple of months going over everything that had happened. He had no clue that his mom had been talking to me. They had got into a pretty big argument and she used me to hurt him. By the time he was released from the hospital, I had all of his numbers blocked and my family was screening my calls and emails so he had no way of reaching me until then. I never stopped loving him. In my heart, I knew that something was wrong the entire time, but my head made me think of only what I could see.

Because of everything that happened, we couldn’t just pick up where we left off, but we decided to rebuild on a stronger foundation. We took it slow and are still taking it slow. We are both young and realized that we have time to make decisions. He doesn’t have a relationship with his mom (he has never really have a great one) but our relationship is as strong now, as it ever was. To throw a wrench in things, he received orders to Japan just after we decided to rebuild our relationship. It has been a little tougher, but we made it through. He asked me if I would marry him (unofficially, because he wants to do the whole get down on one knee thing) and I told him yes. He is due home in Spring of 2013 and we plan on moving in together and having a long engagement so that we can plan the wedding together.

One of my dislikes is my sensitivity and how much I give in to people. I have gotten better about not giving in and I am working on not being so sensitive. I love being able to help people and not expect anything in return. Sometimes, just lending an ear or being there for someone, actually helps me too.

I love that you have taken something of a loved ones, and turned it into something you can use everyday. Not only that, your items are practical and useful. It is not about bragging that you are with someone in the military. It is about carrying a piece of them with you, especially if they can’t be with you.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to afford one of your wonderful creations 😦 But maybe one day!

Kyla Lynn Barrett


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